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New year, new life… new land?

With the European Union, free movement for work, residence or retirement between member states by citizens is guaranteed. It’s an exciting opportunity, but one of the most stressful!

Moving house requires much organization and preparation, including selecting an experienced European removals specialist to ensure your belongings reach your new home. Inter-country removals have their own special challenges.

Before the adventure begins, however, you need to think about organizing your removal. Read on to discover 6 interesting facts about removals in Europe you may not have known before.

1. You Aren’t the Only One Moving

Nearly 20 million people, or about 4% of the EU’s birth population, has lived in a European country in which they were not born. Every year, thousands of households move countries within Europe, most for work or retirement reasons.

Each country has particular rules for the movement of household goods into the country, even for EU citizens.

You must create a detailed list of every item in a carton for customs declaration. A well-qualified European removals company can best advise you on customs requirements, or better yet, pack and inventory for you!.

2. European Removals in Every Direction

Europe is moving away from the rural south and into cities. Employment rates for 2016 were far higher in Germany, Scandinavia, and the U.K. than elsewhere. Conversely, retirees are headed to places like Spain, Portugal, and Greece where the cost of living is lower.

Inter-country removals from rural to urban locations often require more than one transfer, as a combination of air, sea and land freight is used to bring your goods to you.

3. Bringing a Pet

Most domestic animals (other than livestock) are welcome to move in the EU within the pet passport scheme. Some animals may be subject to quarantine.

Consider and organize immunisation, boarding, and transportation before your removal. Your removals expert should be able to assist you with this matter.

4. Furniture Sizes Vary

For example, beds are different! Taking your favourite pillow and duvet with you on your move might be a quick way to make your new house homier, but be aware it may not fit.

A twin bed, for example, may have a 10cm or larger difference in dimensions as you find European, UK, US or Australian size. You may want to rethink your packing strategy.

5. Careful with the Car!

Moving cars from country to country is restricted. Left-hand drive vehicles are slightly more common than right. Experienced European removals companies not only arrange for car transport and customs clearing but will help you acquire the correct licenses.

6. Do You Speak My Language?

The EU has 24 official languages, at least one of which will be spoken in your target country.

Even if you use a UK removals service in your home country, your removals driver at your destination might not speak your language!

Removals Need Not be Stressful

With free movement in the European Union, annually thousands of households move house across borders.

An experienced European removals expert can assist you with navigating packing, customs clearings, pets and more to ensure your possessions safely reach your destination.

Read on for more information about selecting the right removals company. Or visit our homepage for quotes instantly from up to 6 removals companies to safely deliver your belongings.
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