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Did you know that for some people, moving triggers more anxiety than divorce or starting a new job?

It’s not hard to see why. Moving means change and unfamiliarity – things that go against our inherently territorial nature, which likes familiarity, routine, and order.

So if you’ve made the bold decision to move or relocate internationally, you have to prepare for it. Sure, stress is inevitable. But you can do certain things to minimize it.

That includes knowing what you can and can’t send via freight forwarding UK. Here, we won’t discuss the things you can ship such as furniture. Instead, we’ll give you a rundown of things that you ought to leave behind as they’re prohibited, restricted, or not insurable anyway.

1. Counterfeit Goods

Reputable freight forwarding UK companies are very specific about not associating themselves with counterfeit goods. If you try to send counterfeit items, they will make sure to inform Customs.

Not only will you get penalized, all your counterfeit goods will also be seized. Some of the commonly counterfeited items are bags, watches, clothing, electronics, CDs, and DVDs.

2. Dangerous Items

What items are thought as being dangerous or hazardous?

A good rule of thumb here is if it’s something you won’t bring to an airport, you shouldn’t try to ship it as well. These include aerosols, adhesives, firearms and ammunition, fireworks, insecticide, and more.

You can check out the 9 classes of dangerous goods here.

3. Prohibited Items

When you’re moving internationally and shopping around for freight forwarding UK companies, you need to read up on regulations that may affect your shipment. Of course, these regulations depend on the country you’re relocating to.

This means there’s no one master list of prohibited items as it could vary from country to country. But it may include lab and medical samples, perishable foodstuffs, tobacco, and precious metals to mention a few.

4. Restricted Items

Like prohibited items, restricted goods may be different per country. Some items that they might restrict are alcohol and champagne, jewelry, and mobile phones or devices.

5. No Compensation Items

No compensation items refer to things that are not insurable. This means your chosen freight forwarding UK company may not be liable if something happens to these goods.

Examples include valuables such as money, securities, or deeds. Collectors’ items such as coins and stamps also fall under this category. Furs are also thought as non-insurable.

You can get around this by declaring the items and making sure that you have an agreement in writing.

6. Not Prohibited But Strongly Discouraged

Items that you can technically send internationally but shouldn’t include your passport and other important documents. Keep in mind that these all bear your personal information. No matter how much you trust your freight forwarding company, common sense and security dictate that you should always keep these documents close to you.

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