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Moving can be a mixed bag of emotions. Not only can it be a stressful time for most people, it can also be exciting to move to a new home and starting over in a new city. Or even a whole new country.

When looking to settle in a new country, you want to keep international moving costs as low as possible. Investigate all the details that can affect those costs before the actual moving day. This will ensure you are fully prepared for everything ahead of you.

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International Moving Costs: A Rundown

Moving Services

The particular moving service you choose to aid you in your move will be a big factor in the cost of the move. Often the cost greatly depends on the type of services you require to move all of your belongings overseas.

These extra services can include the packing of your belongings, adding insurance and storage.

Size and Weight of Packed Boxes

It can be difficult to know just how many boxes you’re going to need to pack. When it comes to international moving costs, you’ll want to pay attention to both the size and the weight of these boxes as they will play a part in how much it will cost to move.

Sometimes the initial cost a moving company gives you may not include the extra cost of the weight.  Keep that in mind when planning your expenses.

Car Transportation

One of the more difficult things you’ll need to bring over will be your automobile. You probably won’t find a box big enough!

Often there will be two options to ship a car to a new country. Either place it into a container or use a roll on and roll off type shipment. The container option is more costly but can offer your vehicle a lot more protection during the trip to the new home.

Temporary Living Arrangements

This is something that can be easily forgotten when you’re knee deep in your possessions and are trying to figure out a way to downsize in order to pack them all away properly.

However, once you arrive at your new home, it’s likely that it may not coincide with the arrival date of your packed away belongings. It could be days or even weeks before that shipment will arrive. Because of this, it’s a good idea to make extra arrangements for those days when you aren’t able to have all of your furniture or cutlery on hand.

This can add to the total amount of international moving costs you’ll spend during your big move and should be taken into account.

Moving Is Easier When You’re Prepared

Moving doesn’t always have to be so stressful. By using this information and properly preparing yourself, moving to your new home can be a simple experience.

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What Factors Affect International Moving Costs
What Factors Affect International Moving Costs
Moving can be a mixed bag of emotions. We can help with this. Continue reading to learn more.
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