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At some point you might need international moving quotes from a quality relocation company.  Tens of millions of people leave their home cities or countries in search of a better economic and social life. In the UK alone, over 2 million people move around the country annually. For relocation companies, this means one thing: business.

But to get this business, these companies have to position themselves as leaders in the industry. And as a potential mover, your relocation experience depends on the quality of the relocation company you hire. Get it wrong and you risk a relocation nightmare.

Every international moving company is different so to help you have a blissful experience, we’re sharing 17 questions to ask when looking to use the services of relocation companies. Read on!

1. How Long Have You Been in Business?

Like most things in life, the more experience you have in a certain field, the better are at it.

Relocation is no different. The longer a relocation company has been in business, the more it’s able to deliver smoother relocations. It certainly understands the challenges that come with each move and knows how to overcome them.  Consider this when you get your international moving quotes in.

As such, seek to know how long a relocation company has been in the game. If it’s just starting out or has a couple of years under its sleeves, don’t bother.

2. Are You Licensed and Insured? What type of Insurance?

Licensing requirements for relocation companies vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but many countries do license their operations.

Asking this question enables you to know whether the company has the necessary licenses to do business. Don’t shy away from asking to see the license.

Insurance is also a crucial requirement. A lot of things can go wrong when you’re relocating. Valuables do break. Sometimes freight gets lost at sea.

Hiring an insured company ensures you’ll get compensation for any losses.

3. Do You Have Any Testimonials?

Behind any quality relocation companies are satisfied clients who’re willing to share their successful relocation stories.

When you ask this question, the relocation company should readily point you to clients who have worked with them in the past. Don’t be too quick to judge testimonials published online – rather speak to people directly if you can and get the real story.  If this is impossible, then do a simple internet search and find reviews of the company. Ideally you will be able to email the reviewer to get the big picture.  Lots of positive reviews? Bingo!

4. What moving Associations does your company belong to?

When seeking out your international movers quotes it is worthwhile to ask them if they belong to any moving associations locally or abroad.   An association like the British Association of Removers (BAR) has been around for over 100 years and adds credibility and trust behind the moving company.  BAR sets professional standards in the industry, they provide training, information, advice to customers, an Advanced Guarantee scheme and will even offer dispute resolution for customers if things get tricky.

Another organisation called the  International Association of Movers (IAM) boasts to be the largest global trade association with over 2,000 members.  It consists of companies that offer moving, forwarding, logistics, shipping and other services in over 170 countries.

Other honoury associations include Fédération Internationale des Déménageurs Internationaux (FIDI) and European Relocation Association (EuRA).

FIDI has a unique quality recognition with over 200 quality requirements that a moving company must comply with.  Some of this addresses the company’s services, staff training, procedures and vehicle and warehouse maintenance and facilities.  They have their own FAIM Certification Programme to make sure that each company keeps up their high level of quality.

EuRA is run from their UK office but has council members from all around Europe.  You can read about their rules of conduct on their website.

Whilst an accredited and associated moving company won’t promise the perfect move,  it will give you some further assurance that you are using someone professional and accountable.

5. How Much Deposit Is Required in the International Moving Quotes?

If a mover tells you to pay more than 50 percent of the relocation costs upfront, consider that a red flag. Shady relocation companies are always after a quick buck.

Quality international moving businesses will have no problem having you pay the bigger stash of the cost after the relocation is complete.

While still on the money conversation, ask for a detailed breakdown of the moving fees. This will help you spot any hideous fees in the estimate.

6. Are We Getting Everything in Writing?

Of course, the company should be comfortable to draw up a contract outlining the terms of your move. This is especially important if you’re making a long-distance move (think international relocation) where many relocation factors are at play.

If the company isn’t ready to sign a contract, they probably won’t live up to their word.

7. So, How Do You Conduct the Relocation?

Many potential clients overlook this question. Even if a mover ticks all the boxes, don’t leave it to them to conduct the move however they see fit.

Ask about their processes. What happens when they arrive at your residence? If the relocation takes more than a day, where are your items stored?

You’ll have a greater peace of mind when you know what the relocation process entails.

8.  What kind of packing materials do you use?

Find out what sort of boxes your moving company is planning on using.  You also need to enquire about the tape for the boxes and what sort of protective products do they use.  There are a few different kinds such as paper protection, plastic protection, bubble wrap, carpet protection and van blankets.  Quilted covers are handy for moving pictures and covering mirrors but it doesn’t stop there.  There are even quilted mattress covers available, wardrobe covers, grand piano covers, door covers, banister covers and more.  Figure out what is best for your belongings.

9.  Do you offer packing and is it included in my quote?

Plenty of removal companies offer packing and at times it is included in the initial quote.  This is important to establish upfront so that there are not any crossed wires.  Moving is already stressful so take advantage of this offer if you can.  You can always oversee it if you feel anxious but it is a good way to reduce an already highly stressful situation.

10. How will my goods be shipped?

Part of this depends on where in the world you are relocating to and if you have the time and or money to spare.  You could be looking at shipping verse air freight.  If you have extra time then shipping will definitely be more cost effective.  You might be able to share a container even.  These options need to be discussed with your moving company.  Movehub offers suggestions on the cheapest way to move abroad.

11. How long will my move take?

Who knew that there is a formula that can calculate this. According to moving time is based around this formula:
Time = (Access X # of items) + Drive time + Prep/Packing + Placement Decisions
There are however other factors that can impact this and it is important to ask your removal company for further information.  If they have 2 people assisting you on moving day you will get a very different result than if you had 10 people on the day.

12. Can I track my belongings and my move in real-time?

Thanks to technology today you can track your prize possessions in real-time.  Find out what your moving company offers.  There are plenty of products out there that they can offer you.  From a google search we can across an app that is easy to download and use call Grenalp.

13. Unusual Moving Request in your International Moving Quotes?

How do you move a trophy animal or taxidermy pet? Maybe you have a python you want to transport across the seas or a precious urn of ashes.   You might have something special that you want to move with you.  Ask your removal company if they have experience with moving that sort of thing.  If they don’t have the experience but can offer a good solution that sounds reasonable then maybe they can assist you.

14.  Will you be outsourcing any part of my move?

Every moving company is different so find out if they will be outsourcing your move.  Not all companies can manage being in every country across the globe so they develop exceptional partnerships to assist them.  There is no need to be concerned about this but do research their partner companies.  Find out who is liable should anything go wrong.  Ask all the questions you have noted in this article of their partner company too.

15. Will my goods be stored and if so how?

Chances are you will need to have your belongings stored for some time at some point.  You have the option to use self-storage but a professional mover should have an option for storage.  Find out if your goods will be stored and if so how. Ask where the storage location is and if its safe.  Inquire what can or cannot be stored.  Ask for photos of their storage warehouse or even better ask if you can visit it.  Tip: keep your personal documents and don’t let them be stored.  Your professional mover will advise you of their ins and outs but check that all your items are tagged, kept together, kept pad-wrapped whilst in storage and how long will it take for them to be moved from the storage warehouse to the next part of the trip.

16.  Can we Talk to Your Previous Customers?

You don’t have to only check the internet for positive or negative removal company reviews.  Your international moving company should be more than happy to give you references from happy clients, along with their contact details so you can verify the information.  Do your homework.  You cannot take a chance with international moving quotes.

17.  Where Do You Deliver To?

This might seem like a strange question to ask but moving can go wrong when expectations are not clearly stipulated.  When gathering in your international moving quotes ask your moving company if they deliver door to door.  Most international movers will offer door to door moving services however shipping companies might only ship from port to port.

There are pros and cons to both.  If your business has experience with container cargo shipments then you can save yourself quite a bit.  You will be able to freely operate with the cargo any time.  The shipping company will load your belongings onto the ship and insure it if you request it.  They will also sort out the documentation.  Once it arrives at its destination the shipping company will let you know and refer you to a custom broker.

There will be a difference in your costs which might be sign to look into this a bit more.  The last thing you want is a nasty surprise when you arrive in a new country only to discover that this isn’t what you expected.

We’re Your One Stop Shop for Quality Relocation Companies

We have laid out the information on how to get the best international moving quotes. Now your only task is to cross out potential companies on your list and settle on the best.

That said, wouldn’t it be nice if there were no list in the first place? We’ve gone a step further, done all the hard work.

Just fill out your address and relocation details, and rest easy as we give you quotes from up to 6 quality relocation companies.

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International Moving Quotes : Tens of millions of people leave their home cities or countries in search of a better economic and social life. In the UK alone, over 2 million people move around the country annually. For relocation companies, this means one thing: business.
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