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A study shows that 61% of people place moving as the most stressful ordeal above other things like divorce and a new job. Now imagine what that statistic is like for international moving.

When relocating from one home to another, there are many important things to consider. Losing track can be a nightmare.

But there’s hope. Planning early can help cut some of the stress that movers feel about being unprepared.

Read on for a list of 8 things to consider when planning an international move.

1. Timing of Your International Moving

One should consider the time of year their move will take place. Summer seasons can be the busiest time for moving companies.

As a result, rates can be higher than other seasons. Movers should ask questions when choosing a professional relocation company to get a good, quality rate.

2. Keep Track of Important Documents

Research documents needed to live in the country like visas. Also, consider the process of obtaining citizenship or a work permit.

Birth certificates, marriage licenses, and other important papers should be kept track of. Consider creating digital copies for backups.

Try scanning documents to cut down on the amount paper taken on the move.

3. Packing Early and Eliminating Junk

Some international moving companies will charge by how much is being relocated.

Movers must plan ahead on what they’re packing and determine a budget for moving expenses.

4. Managing Finances

Cost of living might be different depending on the new country of residence. Bills and budgeting should be planned out in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Consider the currency exchange in the new country and plan accordingly.

Managing a bank account in another country can also be complicated. Plan on opening a bank account in the country you move to.

5. Bringing Along Pets

Pets need documentation of shots and microchips, in some cases, to get across borders. If someone is traveling on an airplane they should check what the airline’s policies are for pets.

Some countries even ban certain animal breeds.

6. Changes in Culture

Psychologists find that there are 5 stages of culture shock. Movers should learn the signs of culture shock when relocating to an unknown country.

Countries often have their own cultural customs. Movers can learn about these customs to help make their transition easier. If there is a common language spoken in the country, new residents should try to learn the basics of it.

7. Healthcare

People moving internationally should know how they’ll receive health care at their new home.

Some countries have universal health care systems. In others, you may need to buy your own private health insurance.

Movers should visit their doctor before leaving to inform them of the move. They should also receive any necessary vaccinations before traveling.

8. Transportation

In some countries, a car will be the best mode of transportation. In others, it’s buses or trains.

Before moving your car or bike overseas, consider what getting around is going to be like at your new home.

It’s a smart idea to practice using public transportation if the new country of residence has a dependable transit system.

More Helpful Advice

International moving can seem stressful during the planning process. But it’s important to keep the bigger picture in mind.

Once everything is ready to go it will be the adventure of a lifetime.

Want to learn more about planning your international move? Check out this blog post for more moving advice on how to make your transition a smooth one!
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