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Moving in and of itself is already a stressful process. But moving internationally is an entirely different beast.

There’s so much to do that it may feel impossible to get everyone done on one’s own. That’s where international movers and packers come in.

Keep reading to learn more about how to choose the best international movers and packers and make moving a cinch.

1. Plan Ahead

There’s so much do to when planning a move, and the last thing anyone needs is an unexpected surprise like a forgotten task or a room that still needs packing.

Make things easier for everyone involved by planning ahead. Generally, it’s advised that those moving begin making preparations around eight weeks before the move.

First, list task that needs completion, including finding international movers and packers. Then, come up with a tentative schedule that outlines the entire process and breaks tasks down into week-by-week sections.

2. Take It Slow

Perhaps the most important word in the last section was ‘tentative’. Things, after all, are likely to change, so it’s important to leave a bit of buffer time.

The more buffer time a mover gives themselves, the less pressure they’ll feel when choosing a moving company.

After all, this is one’s entire life being moved internationally. Not just any moving company will do.

3. Read Reviews For International Movers And Packers

One can learn a lot from researching a business online. Reviews are a great way to get a better sense of a company’s dedication and quality, so head online and track down a few local moving companies.

Now it’s time for a bit of research. Read as many reviews as possible before settling on movers. The more information one has, the more informed their decision will be.

Positive reviews are great, but negative reviews are every bit as helpful. A moving company is only as strong as its greatest weakness, after all.

4. Ask The Right Questions

Now it’s time to reach out and contact local movers. You’ll likely get a big sales pitch at first, but that doesn’t mean they’re giving you the full story.

Asking the right questions makes all the difference, so be diligent when hunting for the right company.

It’s important to ask about materials used in the packing process, for example. How will fragile items be stored and shipped? Is extra padding provided?

On a similar note, ask what can and can’t be packed yourself. Some items, like furniture, are better left to the pros. But smaller items like electronics and books can be packed easily.

5. Experience Matters Most

Finally, when searching for international movers and packers, prioritize experience. A flashy website is nice, as is a well-rehearsed sales pitch.

But at the end of the day, that doesn’t equal quality service. Choose a business that has experience moving internationally. They’ll be able to help throughout the process and make the move as easy as possible.

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