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There are nearly 1.2 million Brits living in Australia. If you’re thinking of moving to Australia, at least you’ve got something of an expat community down under to offer support.

But Australia is a very different country to the UK. You need to be prepared for some fairly big shifts in your lifestyle.

Here are 5 things you need to know before moving to the other side of the world.

1. Australia Is Backwards

No offence to the Ozzies. But they’ve got the year the wrong way round.

Being in the Southern Hemisphere of the Earth, winter is during the UK summer months, and vice versa.

So if you’re moving during the UK summer, remember to wrap up warm for when you get off the flight. Pack all your warm clothes at the top of your suitcase too!

Remember to put on sunscreen during the hot months. Unlike the UK, the Australian summer is actually hot.

2. If You Have Kids…

… be prepared for excitement – or a tantrum. It could go either way.

It’s a big change to their lives and will mean they leave all their friends and family members in the UK behind.

Try to keep them optimistic and excited during the long trip. Or distract them with treats and talk of the weird and wonderful creatures they’ll meet.

Parents: check out more tips for how to deal with your kids during the move.

3. People Are (Very) Chatty

Even in the larger cities, people tend to be far more talkative than you might expect.

Being a reserved Brit, you might even think their intrusion is rude. Give them the benefit of the doubt. They’re only trying to be friendly.

Do keep an open mind about their sense of humour too, which can be very dry and dark. It’s just what they’re used to.

Australia is a much more laid-back country, which might be something to do with the heat. There’s always time to stop on the street for a natter.

4. Visa Applications

Getting a visa is a bit of a tedious process. Australia is quite picky about who it takes, so if you manage to land a skilled visa for permanent permission to stay, congratulations.

There are age limits as to who can get a visa too.

It’s easier to move when you’re young, particularly if you’re a skilled worker in your 20s. But it’s definitely not impossible to make the move if you’re slightly older.

5. Healthcare in Australia

You’ll be pleased to hear though, that if you do (hopefully not) need medical care, Australia has very high standards.

The Australian government-run medical system is called Medicare. You can find out all about how this works on its website.

Oh, and we hope that you never need this bit. But it’s good to know that you should not dial 999 in Australia. The emergency number is 000.

Are You Moving to Australia?

If you’re taking the plunge, a specialist mover can help you deal with all the difficulties of a long-distance international move.

Tell us about your move.

We’ll supply quotes from specialists so that you can choose a firm to help settle in down under.

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