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Need Moving Hacks? Here is an 8 minutes video from TalkBeckyTalk about moving hacks.  She has some really brilliant ideas which save money too.  You will be amazed at house much space you save.

Here is a summary of her 16 points:

  1. Clever Padding – use what you’ve got
  2. Bin Bag Wrap – keeping your clothes from getting muddled up
  3. Use What You Have
  4. Roll it, not fold it
  5. Colour Code – colour code your boxes
  6. Plastic Bags – many uses!
  7. Free Boxes
  8. DIY Handles
  9. Sort your screws – save your furniture screws
  10. Toilet Roll Holders
  11. Take Photos – to help you unpack easily
  12. Pack ‘Essentials’ Bag
  13. Label Your Wires
  14. Clear Out
  15. Packing Brushes
  16. Use String

You can see more from Becky on her YouTube Channel TalkBeckyTalk. Click here:

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Moving Hacks
Moving Hacks

TalkBeckyTalk offers 16 amazing and helpful moving hacks. Don't miss out on her tips and tricks that everyone must have. She makes a fun, light-hearted and information vlog to help you through what can be a stressful time.

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