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Uprooting and replanting a flower into a new pot is simple. Uprooting and moving your family to a new country is quite the opposite.

You’re dedicated, though, and you’re ready to do it right. You’ve decided the destination – the beautiful, exotic country of Portugal. You’ve even researched the best practices for packing your things.

Read further to learn seven things you need to know when moving to Portugal from UK.

Residency Requirements for Moving to Portugal from UK

Since both countries are part of Europe, residency requirements will not be as strict and difficult as with moving to Portugal from other countries.

After three months of living in Portugal, you and your family will have to apply for a Registration Certificate. After holding onto this certificate for five consecutive years, you will then be able to apply for a Permanent Residence Certificate.

Congratulations, because at this point you are a resident of Portugal.

The Cost of Living Will Be Considerably Lower

This may have been one of your initial reasons for moving to Portugal from UK. It’s great news to know that you will be able to buy your groceries for significantly less than what you’re used to.

Even in the larger cities like Lisbon, the cost of living is low enough for you and your family to live just as comfortably as before, even with a lower average salary. You’ll most likely be able to live even more comfortably.

The Culture is Colorful and Vibrant

Portugal is known for a few cultural beauties – specifically within architecture and art. It features a variety of historical building trends, including everything from medieval castles to intricate pavements that bring a flare to the nation.

The music and dancing are also a core part of this thriving culture, so you and your family will have a lot of its history to explore and enjoy.

It’s Colder Inside Than Outside During the Winter

You’ll be happy to know that Portugal is able to boast of a warm, temperate climate. Even in the winter, residents generally tend to keep the cool air flowing on indoors, so you’ll have to get used to the Mediterranean climate after your move.

Language Isn’t a Barrier – It’s an Opportunity

This is true for any language in any country. For your move to Portugal, you will definitely benefit by preparing in advance to understand at least some parts of the language. Even if it’s only a basic understanding, you will feel more and more comfortable interacting with the local language in time if you start studying as soon as possible.

Connect with the Community to Get Settled In

Once you finally relocate, reach out to your neighbours! While the Portuguese are known to be somewhat reserved, they are also known to be friendly and open.

Connecting with local meetups or gatherings will help you and your family acclimate to your new life in a foreign land.

Moving is Easier with a Removal Company

Knowing you want to move to Portugal and getting there are two entirely different things. Professionals like us are here to help you throughout the entire move.

Let us take care of you, so you can focus on taking care of your family during this process. We’re excited about your transition and your adventure!
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