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Flying south to find sunnier lands?

With over 200,000 Brits on the peninsula, Spain is a favourite escape from the British expat. And it’s no wonder when there’s so much to look forward to.!

To get you in the right mindset, let’s look at the top five things to look forward to when moving to Spain from the UK.

1. Cheap and Cheerful

If you’re moving to Spain from the UK, you can look forward to a lower cost of living.

The real trick here is to live like a local. If you fall into the tourist trap, you can expect to be emptied out like an imported pinata.

Avoid restaurants in popular spots like Barcelona’s waterfront or central Madrid. Watch the Spanish locals and do as they do. The same goes for shopping.

Make friends with your new Spanish neighbours and do as they do.

2. No More Liquid Sunshine

If you’re sick of Fifty Shades of Rain, you can look forward to a brighter future in Spain.

When we’re feeling generous, we describe the UK’s climate as ‘atmospheric’. But we love to break out the nicer adjectives for a life in Spain, ranging from ‘balmy’ to ‘sun-soaked’ up to ‘scorching’.

Spain’s climate is the British idea of paradise: mild, forgettable winters wiped away by summers that seem to last forever.

You can even choose from a few climatic zones. The Mediterranean climate rules the nation, but you can always plump for the semi-arid southeast if you like it hotter.

Afraid you’ll miss the rain? Go for the oceanic north coast for something (literally) closer to home.

3. Sunny D

Think humans don’t photosynthesise? Think again.

The truth is, we evolved in hot countries. We Brits may have shed our origins for a more seasonal pale colour, but the body remembers. Spending time out in the sun conveys huge benefits to the body, including the production of Vitamin D.

It’s more than skin deep, though. Spain offers a dry, warm climate. That’s a direct counter to some of the most common medical complaints in the world, like rheumatism, asthma, and chest infections.

4. Cultural Colour

There’s something about the culture of hot countries.

Those endless summer days promote an atmosphere of friendliness and relaxation. When you have all the time in the world, you tend to slow things down. It’s a culture characterised by late evening outdoor drinks shared with friends and family.

Spanish people are friendly and open. Their culture is colourful and inviting. Compared to three strangers huddled into opposite corners of the bus stop in the pouring rain, there’s really no contest.

5. Foodie’s Paradise

Let’s face it, Spanish food is reason enough to relocate.

Whether it’s tapas in a tavern or a paella on the porch, Spanish food is synonymous with good cuisine. There’s a meal for every occasion and to suit every palette.

Our personal favourite? The Spanish tortilla. We’re not talking flour tortillas from Tesco, but a true Spanish omelette; a luxury cast in eggs and potato.

Moving to Spain from the UK

It’s always a thrill to move abroad, and there’s every reason to get excited in advance. We hope we’ve done our part!

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