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7 Tips on Moving to the USA from the UK

From shipping to packing, international moving can get hectic. Here are 5 must-have tips for companies moving to the USA from the UK.

Thinking about moving to the U.S. from the U.K. to follow the American dream?

You’re not alone – roughly 678,000 British expats live in the U.S. as of 2012.

Be ready to wow your customers from day one with these seven tips to make moving a breeze.

A Guide On Moving To USA From UK

1. Consider The Cost Of Moving

After all, what’s the office without your favorite desk chair?

Check out this list to get started – and get an estimate to get the moving process on a roll.

2. Don’t Forget the Money

You can’t run your business without your money – but moving it at the wrong time could cost thousands. Before transferring funds, avoid a pricey mistake by keeping an eye on the exchange rate.

It’s also important to know who’s handling your money. Transfer services aren’t regulated like banks – which means your money may not be protected if something goes wrong.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) will authorise transfer services. The difference matters: an “authorized” service is required to keep your money separate from theirs for two business days, and then your money is held in a separate bank account. “Registered” companies offer no such protection.

Check which companies are regulated on the FCA register.

3. Know Your Finances – And Theirs

Death and taxes may be the only two certainties in life, but tax laws vary by country. Failing to factor in foreign taxes can make the difference between a successful move and bankruptcy.

Here’s the good news: some offshore company formation agents have partnerships with chartered accountants who are experts in tax and legal requirements for their jurisdictions.

4. Find the Right Mover

You’ve found the right mover, but now you want to know if they’re trustworthy.

The Department of Transportation can help with that.

In the U.S., removal companies are provided numbers by USDOT. You can use your mover’s name or number to make sure they’re up to par.

5. Lighten Your Load

When you’re moving to USA from UK, it’s not going to be cheap. Cut unnecessary costs by junking what you don’t need.

Not sure where to find a junk removal company? This list is a good place to start.

6. Get a Shipping Estimate

Choose your shipping company and get an estimate which will help you to know how much more you can bring and what should get left behind.

Ready to talk real numbers? Get a shipping estimate that will take your move from abstract to reality.

7. There’s No Moving to USA from UK without a Green Card

For your employees to work long-term, they’ll have to to get their residential visa aka a green card.

There are a few different options to get a green card – here’s a list to get you started.

Still have questions? Head over to our services page for a comprehensive list of what can do to help!
Don’t forget these questions when you are looking for international moving quotes.

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