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People often say moving is more stressful than a death in the family. While that may not be statistically true, it can often feel that way.

Here are five quick tips to make packing and moving a little bit easier.

1. Pre-Sort Your Stuff

Why pack and move items you don’t use? You the more you take, the more money you spend on the movers. Not to mention the fact you have to unpack it all later.

Take the time ahead of your move to sift through your belongings. Toss things you no longer use. Have a yard sale or donate your unwanted items.

Sort the items you are keeping as you go along. Put things away. You will be removing clutter.

If you are selling your home while you are still living in it, this will make it show better. Organizing your belongings will make packing easier because like things will be together.

2. Consider a Packing and Moving Service

If your budget allows, professional moving packers can be a lifesaver. You’d be amazed at the speed at which they can pack up an entire house. It removes a great deal of stress on your end, not to mention freeing you up to do other things.

3. Pack Like the Professionals

If you are packing your belongings yourself, take a few extra but easy steps to keep you organized. Doing so reduces stress and keeps damages to a minimum. While there are dozens of other packing tips, this one is the most important.

Pack one room at a time. Avoid packing items from different rooms together. Label each box with the name of the room the contents belong in. You may even add a summary of contents to the label.

Movers can deposit the boxes into the rooms they go in. Unpacking is easier because you won’t have to drag open boxes around your new home.

4. Use the Correct Size Box

Pick the appropriate box for the type and weight of the items. Bulky items like books should go in smaller boxes that makes them easier to manage.

You can save the larger boxes for lighter, bulkier items like pillows and plastic cups. Individual boxes are available, such as wardrobe boxes with a hanging rail.

Finally, if you kept the original boxes for any of your breakable items, use them for packing and moving those items. The bubble wrap they came with is the best way to protect them.

5. Pack Your Boxes Efficiently

When you pack a box, fill it up. Otherwise, contents can shift during the move. Use towels, cushions, or socks to fill in the spaces. If you don’t want socks in with your dishes, use packing paper.

Packing paper is better than bubble wrap for all but your most breakable items; it takes up less space. Pack the bulkiest things first, so they sit at the bottom of the box. Doing so keeps the box stable.

When taping up the box, be generous with the tape, especially at the bottom. It keeps the contents secure and makes the box easier to handle.

Small Steps, Big Help

Preparing ahead makes packing and moving less stressful. It also saves money. It reduces the chances of damage to your possessions. It also reduces the number of boxes that you need to move from one home to another.

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