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How to Estimate the Cost of UK Shipping Containers

Estimating the Cost of Shipping Containers in UK

Planning for the costs of shipping containers in the UK? Here’s what you need to consider when estimating your shipping container cost.

Are you moving and looking for shipping containers UK?

If you’re looking to move the entire contents of your house or business, then a shipping container is the best option.

You probably don’t know much about the subject or how much it costs to get your hands on a container.

This article will show you the factors to consider when estimating a container cost.

Using Shipping Containers UK

What Are Shipping Containers?

Shipping containers UK are steel storage boxes that can be transported on top of trains, ships, and lorries. They are used to import and export goods often long distances. Their use for long-term and short-term storage is also common.

Why Use a Shipping Container?

Shipping containers require very little maintenance. The doors usually do require maintenance. Every so often the door hinges and locking handles need oiling.

On all containers, the steel is great quality it will not deteriorate easily. The paint is also chip and rust resistant.

If they’re well taken care of they might last up to 50 years. Even old containers require little attention. From time to time they need to be re-painted or patchwork required in severely corroded areas.

Shipping Containers Price Factors

The price of the container also depends on the size. Containers typically come in three sizes.

When people decide to build a container home this is the most common size, a 20ft container. These containers are the easiest to maneuver and transport. This is an advantage if it has to be delivered to a location difficult to access.

The downside of the 20ft container comes is the space inside only has about 144 square feet.

The next size is a 40 ft container, and this is the most common size used for shipping. This is perhaps the best value for your money. The internal space is about 300 square feet.

They are a great deal for the space you get, but 40ft containers are significantly more expensive than 25ft.

Then the least common type of container is the 45ft container. It’s most common in the U.S. The dimensions are similar to the 40ft container, but it’s 5ft longer.

Besides the size, the price will be calculated based on the following:

Sometimes the value of the merchandise also plays into the cost. You will have to think of the distance from door to door, so always leave room for additional fees.

If you want to save money, an option would be to share the shipping container with another party.

Rent Or Buy Used

In order to bring down cost, you always have the option to rent or buy used. Many people don’t need a shipping container for multiple uses other than to move.

If you’re considering renting a container, you should figure out a few things. Establish if there are any permits you might need. Compare rates based on how long you’ll need the container.

Lastly, add up the delivery and renting fees and figure you if it’s a better deal.

Buying a used container is also an economical option. Find a reputable reseller who will sell you a used container in top condition. As long as there’s no significant damage, buying used it a good choice.
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Planning for the costs of shipping containers in the UK? Here's what you need to consider when estimating your shipping container cost.
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