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Let’s face it: moving is a pain. It’s especially painful to gear up for an international move.

There’s no shortage of tasks and expenses to consider. But one of the biggest factors in an international move is transportation.

It can be difficult to move household items when you have to ship them overseas. That’s where a freight forwarder comes into play. Freight forwarders are a convenient method of importing and exporting items.

Have you heard of freight forwarding but not clear on what it is? Want to know if it could help your move? Read on for all the details.

What Is Freight Forwarding

Freight forwarding provides businesses with a way to ship and store merchandise. They cover international shipping items like tracking, warehousing, figuring out freight charges, finding insurance, and filing insurance claims.

These companies allow people to take a hands-off approach to importing and exporting goods. They handle all the dirty work that comes with an international movement of goods. Freight forwarders provide moving services and ensure that items arrive on time and undamaged.

Why Hire

Freight forwarders are becoming more popular. In fact, freight forwarding brokerages and agencies are growing at a rate of 6.8% in the U.S.

It makes sense that businesses use freight forwarders. But it can be hard to understand why individuals would hire these companies.

People book freight forwarders because they simplify the process of moving. An international move and shipment of goods can be a very complex process.

These companies work as intermediaries between individuals and transportation services. They don’t move items. Rather, they make arrangements to remove the heavy lifting for individuals.

Freight forwarders are experts in their field. They have preexisting relationships with import and export businesses.

They also know the in’s and out’s of shipping. The businesses can make sure that individuals comply with all of the requirements that go into an international move. They can provide assistance to people who aren’t familiar with international moving procedures.

Freight forwarders provide services like packaging, labeling, and documentation for moves. Documentation, in particular, is one of the most important aspects of moving overseas. They can provide you with essential documentation like a Certificate of Origin or Inspection Certificate.


There’s no denying that moving can be an expensive endeavor. In fact, the average cost of a domestic move in the U.S. is $5,630.

That number gets even larger for international moves. Moving personal effects might not seem like something that requires freight forwarding.

But moving a household overseas can come with a hefty price tag. Individuals might have a large number of personal effects that rival commercial shipments.

As a result, it might make sense to consider a freight service. These businesses can provide international shipping services while eliminating hidden costs.

It might make sense to consider freight forwarders to save money and the hassle that comes with an international move.

Your International Move

Are you considering making an international move? We can help. Check out more advice on moving internationally compliments of our blog.  Don’t forget these questions when you are looking for international moving quotes.

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