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How to Find Reputable Removal Companies in UK

It's the night before your big move. All your boxes are packed and the movers are coming first thing in the morning. Did you make the right decision? The last thing you'd want to do is toss and turn with uncertainty when handling something this important. To avoid...

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6 Things You Can’t Send Via Freight Forwarding UK

Did you know that for some people, moving triggers more anxiety than divorce or starting a new job? It's not hard to see why. Moving means change and unfamiliarity - things that go against our inherently territorial nature, which likes familiarity, routine, and order....

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The Best Places to Live in Europe 2018

Are you looking to make a move from the UK to another amazing country in Europe? If so, you're not alone--nearly a million Brits are currently living in other EU countries. From rich history to vibrant culture and incredible food, there are many reasons to make a move...

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8 Things You Need to Know About International Moving

A study shows that 61% of people place moving as the most stressful ordeal above other things like divorce and a new job. Now imagine what that statistic is like for international moving. When relocating from one home to another, there are many important things to...

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5 Tips for Choosing International Movers and Packers

Moving in and of itself is already a stressful process. But moving internationally is an entirely different beast. There's so much to do that it may feel impossible to get everyone done on one's own. That's where international movers and packers come in. Keep reading...

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6 Interesting Facts About European Removals

New year, new life... new land? With the European Union, free movement for work, residence or retirement between member states by citizens is guaranteed. It's an exciting opportunity, but one of the most stressful! Moving house requires much organization and...

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6 Tips for Moving to Italy From UK

Did you know it costs about $12,935 to ship your goods from one country to the other, according to 2014 data on relocation statistics? And employers allow approximately 33 days for an employee to move. This number can be larger or smaller depending on the size of your...

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